Lynne J. Oehlke, Owner & Metalsmith
Twenty four years ago when my husband and I were selecting our rings, I wondered why gold and diamonds as well as other gem stones had to be so expensive. Through discussions, our family jeweler asked me if I'd like to get into the business on a part time basis. I said yes! He was a terrific mentor and opened doors to quality, reputable wholesale merchants. I have spent many years growing my skills through seminars, metal smith courses and working with artists.
I have been selling fine jewelry and creating custom jewelry for private clients for over 20 years.
I am a former CEO of a non-profit organization as well as a wife, mother and grandmother. Tom and I have 4 grandkids, play tennis as often as possible, care for a large yard and gardens and, like many of us, try to stay healthy while eating the foods we enjoy  with people we enjoy.
I am proud of how I serve my clients and look forward to working with you toward your fine jewelry goals.
My Passion:  Offering life- time, quality jewelry that meets my customer's expectations at affordable prices

Satisfied Customers

"I have purchased items from Preferably Gold (Lynne) for the last few years.  Her designs are creative and workmanship high quality and items are affordable.  She has repaired pieces and helped me add items that made even my older jewelry selections look new.  She has worked with my family members to select wedding and engagement rings and always takes the time to be sure her clients are happy and make the best choice while respecting their budget."  
                               - Charyl Burke
"I love jewelry, pearls, semi-precious gems and artistic pieces made of metals. Lynne Oehlke has fashioned unique, beautiful pieces for my daughters and me. She is an artist who works magic and makes it possible for me to have and give gifts of outstanding jewelry that are family treasures."

                                - Phyllis N