Jewelry & Gems
Scope of Products:      I have had accounts with wholesalers of fine jewelry for many years and offer a broad range of items with highly competative pricing due to a business model that reduces overhead subsantially. I am also a metal smith, designing and making items with metals, gems, pearls, and natural stones. 
Metals:  Gold, silver, platinum, modern metals such as titanum as well as mixed metals.
Gem Stones:  I sell and work with precious and semi-precious gems from alexandrites to zercon, and everything in between, including diamonds. Plus pearls and natural stones.

Custom Design:  Completely Custom made is available even when the base is found in a catalogue.

The Business model: I have no store front and keep a small inventory (no gems) preferring to control costs by selling through home shows, a small number of shows and special requests. Most often customers contact me with a wish. I will spend as much time as is needed to meet my customer's design vision. Sometimes it's found in a catalogue (although there is no obligation to buy on catalog orders). It may need a bit of customizing, and sometimes its created from scratch. Occasionally I call on my network of artist cohorts to serve my client. Whatever the path, I work with my clients until they are satisfied.
If you have a jewelry need or would like to see more of what I have to offer, visit one of my shows or contact me to schedule an appointment.
Engagement & Wedding Rings
Engagement and wedding rings are two of the most important pieces of fine jewelry in most people's lives. It represnts deep sentiments and even deeper commitments. It also represents a  huge financial investment into a commodity most people know little about-gems, chiefly diamonds.
While not a gemologiist, I work hard to find the highest quality fitting within my customer's budget. I teach my customers as we plan enabling them to make informed decisions. You will learn about carat, color, clarity and the all important cut.
My primary sources are local diamond brokers. The importance here is that I have a relationship with them and have learned to trust them over time. Most stones that I sell are certified--diamonds, like puppies,  can come with papers that certify the stone's qualities. It is your guarantee.

Contact me to schedule a time to talk about finding or creating your perfect wedding or engagement ring.
Repair & Custom  Redesign
Do you have a piece of jewelry, perhaps a family heriloom, that you can't or don't wear anymore? There are many reasons why an owner wants a precious-metal piece repaired or re-designed.
  • You prefer a different type of jewelry, like a pendant instead of a ring
  • It's not the right size. Perhaps a ring that doesn't fit or a necklace that is too long or too short.
  • The style doesn't work. Maybe a bracelet that is dated or a necklace that calls for a gem stone.
Here are examples of alterations: the piece on the left was
a ring and is now a pendant, and the piece to the right was
purchased without any setting (the owner specified a
simple design because the stone was large).
Many repairs or adjustments are possible including replacing small diamonds, fixing bent pieces and polishing out scratches. 
If you have a piece of jewelry that you would like to give new life,  contact me and lets talk about your options.